European Badger
Meles meles
Phalacrocorax aristoteli
Martes fonia
House Cat
Felis catus
(that's Latin for Kitty-kitty)
Pine Marten
Skeletons in this section

Articulated by:
Jean-Christophe Theil
Student from Paris
Black-legged Kittiwake
Rissa tridactyla
Number one in the Dutch Taxidermy
competion - 2007
Red-billed Hornbills
Tockus erythrorhynchus
Best of Show in the Dutch
Taxidermy competition
Black Woodpecker
Dryocopus martius
Jackass Penguin
Speniscus demerus
Kittiwake, Woodpecker, Hornbills, Penguin

Articulated by:
Walter in 't Velt
Felis concolor
(that's Latin for BIG Kitty-kitty)

Articulated by:
Sonia Gretchen, Conservation Officer
Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park,
Alberta Canada
Common Dolphin
Delphinis delphis

Articulated by:
Sheila Flynn, RDH
Sheridan College, Sheridan Wyoming
Click on photos to enlarge
Click on photos to enlarge
(still waiting to hear what the others are)
To the right--a velvet scoter

Articulated by:
Ms. Martta Viljanen, Mrs. Outi Ovaskainen,
Mr.Philipp Lehman  & Janne Granroth
University of Helsinki, Faculty of
Biosciences, Department of Biological and
Environmental sciences, Finland
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Whitetail Deer

Articulated by:
Conneaut Lake High School
biology students of:
Ed Vorisek
Biology and Environmental Science
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Sea otter
Pacific Sea Otter
Enhydra lutris

Articulated by:
William Stewart of:
the Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute on
the FAU campus in Ft. Pierce , FL
Eastern Gray Squirrel
(Sciurus carolinensis).

Articulated by:
Vincent of:
Chicago, Illinois
(Pan troglodytes)
Brushtail Possum
(Trichosurus vulpecula)
Three-toed Sloth
(Bradypus Variegatus)

Articulated by:
Nicholas Larghi
University of Rhode Island

Articulated by:
Trudy Fennell
Common Wombat
(Vombatus ursinus)
Clinking Currawong
(Strepera versicolor arguta)
Articulated by:
Vanessa Taylor  
(Dugong dugon)
14-foot Saltwater Crocodile
(Crocodylus porosus)
14-foot Saltwater Crocodile
(Crocodylus porosus)
Articulated by:
Darrell Blatchley
Southeast Asia
Atlantic White-Sided Dolphin
(Lagenorhynchus acutus)
Harp Seal
(Pagophilus groenlandicus)
Atriculated by the faculty and staff of the Department of Biomedical
Sciences, Atlantic Veterinary College, University of Prince Edward
Island.and the Canadian Cooperative Wildlife Health Centre.
Submitted by Grant Curtis
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Articulated by Lindsay Harper
Pit Bull
(Canis familiaris)
(Rattus rattus)
(Lutra lutra)

Articulated by Melissa Ewens –Australia
Surinam Toad
(Pipa pipa)
(Gecko gecko)
Agryonemys horsfieldii
Domestic Cat
(Felis catus)
Red fox
(Vulpes vulpes)
Common murre
(Uria aalge)
European badger
(Meles meles)
Grey triggerfish
(Balistes capriscus)
(Equus equus)

Articulated by Walter Varcoe
click on photos to enlarge
All in This Group Articulated by:
Ben Garrod
United Kingdom
Harbour Porpoise
(Phocoena phocoena)
Grey Seal
(Halichoerus grypus
Grey Seal Skull Before
(gunshot damage)
Grey Seal Skull After
(repair by Ben)
Articulated by
in t' Velt, Holland
Blue brested Kingfisher
Great Spotted Woodpeckers
Red-tailed Hawk & Eastern Chipmunk
Domestic Cat & American  Robin
(naughty  kitty-kitty!)
White-tailed Deer Fawn
(unborn fetus from a road kill doe)
Virginia Opossum
White-tailed Deer (Male)
(Button Buck)
Articulated by
Daniel Brubaker
Lancaster, PA, USA
Gaboon Viper
Domestic Cat
Ermine vs. Shrew
Loggerhead Turtle
Magellanic Penguin
Running Dog
Wolverine & Mountain Beaver
Articulated by
Bob Bicknell, B.S., M.A.
Beacon Hill Biological Services
Toutle, WA
Articulated by Lee Post
This is the very first whale skeleton
articulation I had done, a Bering Sea beaked
whale. It hangs in the Pratt Museum, Homer,
All in this section
Articulated by Sebastien Enault
A paleontology student in France
Australian Ringneck
(Barnardius zonarius)
Townsend's Mole
(Scapanus townsendii)
Monkfish Skull
(Lophius piscatorius)
Rice Rat
(Oryzomys palustris
(Crotalus atrox)

This skeleton was totally disarticulated
and glued back together
one. . .bone. . .at. . .a. . .time!
Wild Cavy
Cavia aperea
Old Badger
(Senex Meles meles)
Young Badger
(Novus Meles meles)
(Rana catesbeiana)
Spiny-tailed Lizard
(Uromastyx acanthinurus)
(Sciurus sciurus)
(Catrol Vancliechin)
(Catrol Vancliechin)
(Catrol Vancliechin)
(Pseudemus scripta elegans)
(Testudo elegans)
All the skeletons in this section were articulated by:
Miriam Janssen
from Holland
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