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This book was last revised in 2014
A Manual for Preparing Bird Skeletons with a Bone Identification Guide
In a way, this is two manuals bound together. The first
part is the step by step instructions on preparing and
articulating a large bird skeleton with a section on a
VERY large bird ~ ie., Big Bird ~ ie., an Emu. The
skeleton used for illustration is mostly an eagle
skeleton but the techniques are the same for anything
the size of (or larger than) a chicken or a raven--a
good classroom project. The second part of the
manual is a detailed guide to the bones of a bird with
enough labeling and detail to be able to sort a pile of
bird bones into the skeletal elements, including which
side of the bird each bone came from. This is very
helpful information for zoo archaeology students who
are working with bird bones. (90 pages)

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(Manuals are 8.5 X 11 inches, soft bound with spiral
The Bird Building Book
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Big Bird
This Northern Saw-whet owl was cleaned using the
Oxidization Method found
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