A great many of the skeleton projects I do these days are done as group projects with schools,
teachers, and students. Many times these are the culmination of an enthusiastic teacher working with
me via e-mail and going as far as they can get, then calling me in to work with the students directly for
the main portion of the articulation process.

If you are desiring to do a skeleton project with your class, I will suggest getting the closest manual to
what your potential project will be. This will give you a good idea of what you are getting yourself into. If
after reading the manual you haven't been totally discouraged and you still want to keep going, you
are welcome to contact me with further questions. If you want my hands-on participation in your project,
or if you have a skeleton you want me to articulate, well---I can be bought! My rates are not fixed and
can vary greatly depending upon the project, where the project is to be created, how much time I will
need to be away from home, and what kind of budget is available. Contact me with any proposals you
might be thinking of; anything from small mammals to whales.
Please E-mail me with any questions you might have or comments (or criticisms for that matter). If I can
answer your questions I will. Sometimes the answer might be "I haven't gotta clue" but I'll see if
I can help you find the answer if I know of a source.
This email address is checked at least twice a day.
If you wish to make an order, please go to the individual manual pages or to "
Ordering Information" page for more information.
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Step by step guides for the
preparation and articulation of
animal skeletons.
BY LEE POST (a.k.a. Boneman)
These two skeletons were recently articulated by 15 students in
Dillingham, AK, during a three day weekend college class I taught,
which was open to high school students. During that same weekend,
the students also butchered, de-fleshed and boiled another pair of
animals for an upcoming class.
River Otter
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