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preparation and articulation
BY LEE POST (a.k.a. Boneman)
For those of you who are new to this location, this site is all about turning a dead animal into a clean set
of bones and assembling those bones into a complete skeleton.

It is also an introduction to myself, a thirty-year veteran of professional skeleton building. It is also a
blatant advertisement for a series of ten Bone Building manuals I've written.

These books are a series of manuals explaining how to clean, prepare, and articulate different animal
skeletons in a simple step-by-step manner. Each manual is suitable for enthusiasts, teachers and/or
students desiring to do a museum quality skeleton on a limited budget.

Step by step guides for the preparation and articulation of animal skeletons.
What's New?
We DO NOT sell or buy
skeletons or bones
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Film by Eric Keto, Mobile Audio/Video Producer
Alaska Public Media - Published September 3, 2015

Indie Alaska: The ground-breaking web series
The postal rates have just made another big jump! (It now costs $6.00 more than it
did to ship one manual overseas.) For those of you who are discouraged
from buying a Bone Building Manual because of the high shipping costs,
we are now offering these same manuals as PDF e-manuals.

For the first time, our manuals may be purchased as digital books from anywhere in the world
  • No extra shipping costs
  • No delays
  • No gambling with how long the
    manuals will take to get to your
    doorstep.  copyright 2005 by Lee Post                                                      Illustrations copyright  by Lee Post. All Rights Reserved                                                                        Merry Web Designs copyright 2005
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On the Mendocino Coast!
July 17 - August 13th
Mondays thru Saturdays
9am to 5pm
Downtown Fort Bragg, CA, location TDB
Join our Orca Articulation Workshop, and help us re-assemble a 26-ft Orca skeleton,
bone by bone. Mixing art, science, and engineering, everyone involved will get a rare
and intimate look into the life of a killer whale, under the direction of three master
articulators. This is a very unique experience, and we have limited space so
sign-up soon! Student scholarships available.
What else? Discovery Camp for kids, public lectures, bone ID day,
whale-watching trips, ocean movies and more will all support the workshop.
This is a BIG project for our young organization. We've raised about 60% of the funds needed so far. If
you'd like to support this type of hands-on marine science in our community,
DONATE today.