The Bone Room
This is a business with a storefront in Berkley, California, that has been a source of bones and
natural history related treasures, since 1986.
This is the site for the Alaska Consortium of Zoo Archaeologists; a group of mostly archaeologists and zoo archaeologists who have been building
up a collaborative collection of animal bones for reference purposes over the last decade.     
This is "THE" site if you are at all interested in bird skulls or bird skeletons (over 1000 different skulls). It also has a world class cool quiz you can
take to see how well you can do at identifying birds by the skull shape. This is also the source of detailed information about macerating bird bones
as a way to clean them.
Skulls Unlimited is probably the largest bone preparation company on Planet Earth. They also sell skulls, bones, skeletons,
and even
Bone Building Books by a certain; yours truly.
Ed Sotelo--Ed and his wife, Sheryl, are Super-teachers who did a world-class brown bear skeleton project with their classes.
Ed is also a master ivory carver, specializing in walrus tooth carvings.
From 1994 to 1996, the Pratt Museum of Homer, Alaska, completed a first-time-ever world
class collaborative project, with students from Homer High School doing the science and
articulation work in preparation of suspending a 41-foot Sperm Whale skeleton in their school. I
was the museum preparator who did the hands-on bone work with the students on this project
as well as one of the salvagers of the whale. This award winning site is all about that project.
Mike Lettis--This is a guy I grew up with. He does antler carving and has a really cool gift shop in a
nearby town and deals in Alaska Pleistocene mammal bones.
Kodiak grey whale project
Stacy Studebaker, of Kodiak Island, Alaska, found the whale and organized local volunteers to help bury,
excavate, clean, repair, articulate, move and suspend the skeleton.
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El Refugio de Potosi
This is a new non-profit nature reserve a little south of Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo, Mexico. Besides being a great place to look at local nature, they are starting to
work on the preservation of a
large sperm whale skeleton, with the intent of having it on display. The director, Laurel Patrick, is an ex-nurse and tree nursery
owner from Oregon. Her passion to preserve a piece of local ecosystem and to educator others about the flora and fauna of that area, is commendable and
inspiring. Check out the hummingbird feeders if you are birding in that area.
Step by step guides for the
preparation and articulation of
animal skeletons.
BY LEE POST (a.k.a. Boneman)
Most of my bone work and skeleton articulation techniques have originated from this
award winning institution. It is frequently acclaimed by its many visitors to be one of the
best small town museums in America.
This is an active forum site of search-able posts (with a linked archived section going back as far as 2006 - plus older archived posts) having to do with skulls
and bones. the information is to get bones commercially clean and paper white using beetles or warm water maceration, followed by detergent degreasing and
hydrogen peroxide for bleaching. Questions or suggestions about alternative methods are about as well received as suggesting back surgery at a chiropractic
convention. This can make for some entertaining reading, but you may have to wade through a lot of verbiage to figure out some basic answers to good
Jake's Bones
A very fun website about a 12-year-old boy in Scotland with the love of bone collecting.  copyright 2005 by Lee Post                                                      Illustrations copyright  by Lee Post. All Rights Reserved                                                                        Merry Web Designs copyright 2005
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