Boneman with a moose skeleton that some of his high school students prepared and articulated.
(See, I was young once!)
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This book was last revised in 2014
How to Prepare and Articulate Large Hoofed Mammal Skeletons ~ Including Deer
This is the manual you want if you are contemplating a skeleton
articulation project of a moose ~ or cow ~
or horse ~ or caribou ~ or buffalo ~ or deer ~ or elk ~ or wildebeest ~
or any other large hoofed, four-legged mammal. It goes from the
cleaning of the bones to the display of the finished skeleton in steps
that even students can follow.
(84 pages)

(plus shipping)

(Manuals are 8.5 X 11 inches, soft bound with spiral binding.)
The Moose Manual
$39.00 (USD) ~ plus shipping
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Happy Bone Building,
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