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This book was last revised in 2012
Given that it is relatively easy to come by a canid carcass as
a possible skeleton project, this is the manual that instructs
step by step, what to do next. It is based on the articulation
of a wolf but is applicable to any type of canid from a wild
wolf to a no longer yapping poodle. It includes a complete
set of illustrations of a wolf skeleton, bone by bone details
of the foot bones, as well as labeled parts and features of
many of the bones for reference.
(81 pages)

(plus shipping)

(Manuals are 8.5 X 11 inches, soft bound with heavy plastic
spiral binding.)
A Guide to Preparing and Assembling a Wolf Skeleton or Digitigrade Designs
Canine Construction manual
$39.00 (USD) ~ plus shipping
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